Embrace the Suck: Growing a Construction Business is Hard

Embrace the Suck: Growing a Construction Business is Hard

In the latest episode of The Lien Zone Podcast, host Alex Barthet interviews James Terry, founder of  GreenTeam Building Services, exploring the hurdles and strategies of expanding a construction business. James shares his transition from being laid off in 2009 to establishing GreenTeam, initially a plumbing service company that adapted and grew in response to market demands and opportunities. James and Alex talk about the transition from residential to larger institutional and Class-A office projects, emphasizing professional services and strategic networking to target underserved markets.

The discussion also covers the evolution from solo operations to building a team, the role of family in the business, and the significance of establishing core company values to guide team behavior and decision-making. James highlights the power of authenticity in professional networking, especially on LinkedIn, and the balance between personal growth and operational scaling. This episode provides invaluable insights for construction professionals navigating the complexities of business growth, underscored by the real-world experiences and strategies that have driven Green Team’s success.

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About Our Host:

Alex Barthet
Principal, The Barthet Firm

Alexander Barthet is a board certified construction attorney in Florida and holds a B.S. in mechanical engineering.  He manages The Barthet Firm, a ten lawyer construction law firm in Miami, and maintains a construction law blog at www.TheLienZone.com. He can be reached at 305-347-5295 or alex@barthet.com.

About Our Guest:

James Terry
GreenTeam Building Services. Plumbing

James Terry is a licensed Florida commercial plumbing contractor with 13+ years in the commercial plumbing business, and 20+ years of plumbing trade experience in Florida. James started GreenTeam from a one truck operation and turned it into one of the most dynamic and diversified Plumbing & Utilities companies in the region. GreenTeam services South Florida’s largest and most valuable real estate assets ranging from private college campuses and public healthcare districts, to portfolios of class A office buildings and industrial distribution centers

Website: https://getgreenteam.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/james-terry-86277536/